A nerd wizard seeking adventure.


A little shorter than average but very outspoken. Bella is usually heard before seen. She dresses in rather fine looking clothes and always manages to look like she’s bathed in the last week probably because she has.


Bella grew up with very strict but also wealthy parents who threw money at their children rather than bothering to spend time with them. This is what lead to Bella’s library containing almost every book that money could buy and a few that it could not. She spent most of her childhood reading and dreaming of adventure and baking the realm’s best cookies.
When she turned 14 and it was discovered her twin was actually not her twin but in fact a changeling, loyalty to her sister and the desire to adventure drew her to leave her parents home and run away. Although her twin was quickly drawn to a slightly less than upright lifestyle, Bella tried her best to keep her sister on the straight and narrow but soon found that is not how you make money. She started her bakery, “Tokens of my Confection”, which quickly took off but not enough to fund her slightly lavish lifestyle so she started taking part in a few shady deals with her sister.
In her constant search for knowledge and information that would help her locate her true sister, Bella attempted many times to join Ordo Magica to gain access to their extensive library and was turned down time and time again. She finally was accepted and made a member, she assumes due to her determination but actually because they needed an expendable member to make the pupil of Master Wisum in case he killed another student.

Family First, Knowledge Second
Code of Honor – Must keep her promises.
Money makes almost anything okay because Money means independence

Talk First then Fight


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