Changeling Witch Wrapped in Shadows



Just with bluer skin


Eneano was not born under that name. He was born Cameron Whitthorn to his parents in Auchenshuggle. Once they found out he was a Changeling, Cameron was kicked out of his home and fled into the Forrest of Davokar. There he found his new home.

Ghyve was the local Witch that helped the residents of Oar’s Rest from his hut outside the village. The newly renamed Eneano was taught the art of Witchcraft by Ghyve and assisted in his daily tasks. Rumors quickly spread of the changeling helping out the Witch, although no one could ever prove that the young boy they occasionally saw lived with Ghyve, but almost everyone was certain this was the case.

Years passed and the village grew to accept the mysterious changeling in order to not anger the Witch that helped keep their village from falling into ruin. Eventually, the barbarian leder grew old and passed away during the harsh winter. The spot of chieftain was filled by Brun Crushhopper.

Brun was not a kind barbarian and quickly grew to distrust the changeling living with the Witch. The only possible solution was to kill him. Brun took his most trusted men and busted down Ghyve’s door. Ghyve reacted quickly enough to save a life, but it was not his own. Using Witchcraft, Ghyve shifted the wood of the house so that Eneano was blocked off from Brun. This took its toll on Ghyve though, and he transformed into an abomination. Eneano left before he knew what was to become of the creature formerly known as Ghyve.

Now, Eneano wonders the fringes of Davokar to protect those who are innocent in all of the chaos of this world. All the while, he wonders what became of Ghyve and Brun.


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