Ambria: The Promised Land

Mother Mehira's Agency
A foothold in Thistlehold

Upon gaining entry to the city of Thistlehold.  After they hawked their spoils of war, Cruniac and Philo were waylaid by some alleyway thugs.  They fought most of them off and took one prisoner, who spilled his guts about their boss’s whereabouts.  In an act of vengeance the crew ambushed the small-time crime boss, killing him in his home and taking his valuables.  
In search of more honest work, the crew applied for membership with Mother Mehira’s Agency, a Thistlehold mercenary guild.  The crew passed their preliminary tests with flying colors, gaining a moderate level membership with the guild.  

The Crew Assembles
Trouble with the dead

Fleeing a Karohar incursion on the village of Westend, the party found themselves with the surviving refugees, stranded outside the city of Kastor.  Once it was clear the refugees would not be allowed inside, they pooled their resources for enough food to last a journey to the Blackmoor camps.  
After a week’s journey, the refugees came under attack by a host of strange masked men.  The figures appeared out of a mysterious fog and began dragging the refugees into the darkness.  The party fought to save the refugees, but many were thrown into a barred carriage fleeing the battle.  In an attempt the rescue the captives, the party sabotaged the carriage and engaged the masked kidnappers. During the fight, a strange horned figure on horseback appeared. Wielding dark magic, he began sapping the life of the captives and then the party.  The dark revenant fought fiercely, beating down several of the party before finally being felled by Philo.   
The few remaining refugees continued their journey until finally reaching Blackmoor.  After seeing them safely to the refugee camps, the party made their way to Thistlehold in search of more profitable work.  

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